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Due to advances in the internet, consumers are becoming more educated about the products and services they would like to buy. Many consumers consult online sources before making a purchase, collecting information from review websites, blogs and renowned influencers in the industry. This information can make the difference between a potential buyer and an actual customer. Blogs are a great tool for businesses to educate their customers and outreach is a great way for businesses to promote their website and blog. Here are some statistics to show why you should start your Blogger outreach journey.

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Chapter 1


Fundamentals in Blogger Outreach


Whether you are completely new to blogger outreach or just looking for a quick recap on the basics, you’re in luck.

We have summarized in this handy guide all you need to know about effective Blogger Outreach.

A) There are 5 Stages in the Blogger Outreach process :

Attraction: Capture the attention of the blogger using techniques such as Initial Chemistry, Visual Appeal, Common Interest, Being the Right Fit and Reciprocation.

Ambivalence: If there are any doubts, they will be raised early on in the process. This is the phase where decisions need to be made and the ‘Desire/Passion’ concept will be considered.

Commitment: Demonstrating your commitment to collaboration with the blogger, promote and emphasise any Exclusivity Agreement.

True Intimacy: Perhaps one of the more daunting steps in the process is when you explain to the blogger what you hope to gain from the collaboration. Remain transparent about your content and be receptive to any changes that they suggest.

Proposal: This is where your article finally gets published and you can head on to discuss with the blogger if this collaboration is going to be a one-time deal or a continuous effort. Commit wholly to any agreement if it is made and ensure that you build a positive relationship with the blogger from the outset.

B) 2 forms of blogger partnerships are Earned and Paid :

EARNED: Partnerships developed through promotional activities rather than advertising.

PAID: These are partnerships where any form of publicity is bought.

C)  Blogger outreach can be approached in 2 ways - Campaign and Ambassador :

CAMPAIGN: A one off activity which has the ability to generate lots of interest through multiple influencers.

AMBASSADOR: An ongoing process with multiple posts.

Chapter 2

Developing your Outreach Strategy

Do you know the similarity between a successful Blogger Outreach and winning a war? Strategy. Having a good strategy in place is crucial for success.

The next section of our guide will help you develop an effective strategy to achieve the best results.

A) Determine your motive for starting a blogger outreach program

Why are you considering blogger outreach? Are you looking to build your brand, gain high quality links or develop fresh content? There are many reasons why you may want to start blogger outreach.

The first step is to figure out what you want to achieve from Blogger Outreach before proceeding to the next step.

B) Set Milestones and an End Goal

With your goals established it is time to create specific milestones, such as securing 10 links no matter their quality, followed by 10 links with 3 of them being good quality. The purpose of these milestones is not to impress but to achieve something measurable that can be used as a guide to reaching your end goal. End goals could be something as simple as owning a page with a high Page Authority (PA).

C) Start finding relevant Bloggers for your list and segregate them

It is finally time to get into the finer details of blogger outreach; creating your blogger list.

In Chapter 3: Finding the Bloggers you wish to reach out, there is a short overview and reference list which outlines the best outreach tools that can help you locate suitable bloggers to reach out to.

F) Developing an action plan to gain their attention

You’ve done your research and now it's time to gain the bloggers attention. So what can you do to gain their attention? Well at the very least you should follow their pages on the various social media platforms and then start sharing/mentioning/retweeting their materials and tagging them in it so that they know that you’ve shared their materials. Once this is done you can take the plunge and request for a collaboration. However, I personally prefer to go an extra mile and offer them some form of help without any strings attached such as informing them that they have a broken link or that their link used in one of their posts is outdated and recommend them a new link with updated content that could either be one of your materials or someone else’s post.

G) The Question

By now if have followed this strategy through, the blogger you wish to connect to should be pretty familiar with you due to your efforts in helping them.

You can refer to Chapter 4: How to run a well-oiled outreach campaign and Chapter 5: Outreach Pitch Checklist to assists you


D) Learning about your targets

Now you’ve found your bloggers, it’s time to “stalk” them. You wouldn’t look favourably on someone who approaches you for a favour but knows nothing about you! The same applies to blogger outreach. Before approaching a blogger, you should do some initial preparation such as;

  • 1- Finding out the full name of the blogger as well as their email address.
  • 2- Their target audience (e.g. their needs)
  • 3- The social platforms they hang out on (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and etc.)
  • 4- Benefits that they can gain from their collaboration with you.

E) Stay connected

Sometimes you may not receive replies from your outreach. This does not necessarily mean that you have failed in your outreach and could be attributed to a number of reasons from your post not being good enough through to the post not being in line with the requirements of the bloggers audience.

Chapter 3


Finding the Bloggers you wish to reach out to


Don’t we all wish that we could find a spot where bloggers all hang out at instead of crawling through endless pages in the hope that we might strike gold hidden in one of the many pages? Below we have outlined some of the best tools recommended in the industry where you can find bloggers hanging out and making connections with each other. So why wait! Hop-on and start making your own connections today.

Mention – a tool to help you find influencers who are already talking about and supporting the niche you are in

Hey Press – a search engine that focuses on journalists

BuzzSumo – a popular tool to help source and analyse content which is being shared by influencers across the niches

Little Bird – finds the most influential influencer in the space that you are keen in through a mining process and proprietary algorithm

Inkybee – a media database created specifically for Blogger Outreach with 6 different options (e.g. Search tools, Automatic Discovery, Lists of blogs, Twitter analysis, Sector segmentation, Reports) to help you search for bloggers

Traackr – is an influencer network identification tool to help you find influencers with a huge following or influencers with that holds the keywords relevance that you are searching for using a keyword-based search

Buzzstream – helps streamline and organize the messy job of email outreach and link building

These are the 7 most common tools that many other influential influencers use for their outreach. However, this is does not mean that they only use this 7, in fact there are many other recommended tools recommended by them. For more useful tools, you can proceed to the websites provided in the reference list given below.


Chapter 4

How to run a well-oiled outreach campaign

Email outreach is a tried and tested strategy that works brilliantly every time. That said, this means that every single one of your competitors know this strategy and are probably applying it to their campaigns too. Differentiate your business from the competition while increasing the efficiency of your outreach program and boosting the response rate in your outreach strategy.

A) Having a template

I’m sure that some of you might be thinking that outreach templates are an absolute no no and you should make sure that your outreach emails are as personalised as possible.

In a sense you’re right, but have you considered the time and resources it would take to create 100 personalized emails? Insane right!


Here are some tips on how your template should be structured:

Initial outreach email: make your intention clear and the benefit that he/she gains from this collaboration and give specifics on how and by when they can contact you if they are interested in a collaboration.

Follow-up email: Remind he/she on the details of your previous email, the benefits that can be gained from collaboration and finally end it with action steps.

For a greater and more in-depth read up you can proceed to references below.

B) Having a follow-up plan

Making a great first impression is only one part of having a well-oiled outreach program. The other part is the actual follow up itself. This should be done regardless whether the blogger who you are reaching out to you responded or not. In the section above we have already covered what your follow-up template should include. In this section I will be introducing 3 fantastic follow-up tools.

  1. - an email-based service that sends an email to a pre-determined address and then follows up by sending you a reminder at the time you specified making it oh so handy for follow-up emails. Followupthen works well with both web-based email services and desktop clients. The best part about this is that you do not have to pay for reminders and there are no caps meaning that you can send unlimited reminders for free. If you are interested in their pricing for personal use it costs $2/month and $5/month for professional.For more details on what the different plans on offer, their website is
  2. - works on the same principle as but with an additional platform that supports mobile devices. The only drawback is that for the free version you are limited to 25 email reminders. Its payment tiers however are particularly affordable with the tiers ranging from $18/month for personal to $29/month for premium. Not to worry though if you do not wish to pay as they do have a 14-day trial option for you to see if their services are right for you. For more detail on their free trial
  3. Boomerang for Gmail – this is a plug-in extension for chrome, firefox and safari browsers, it also comes in an app for android device users. Boomerang allows you to compose an email now and set a time for it to be automatically sent through a handy sent later function. Boomerang come in 4 tiers free, personal at $4.99/month, PRO at $14.9/month and Premium at $49.99/month. If you are worry about committing have no worries as Boomerang offers you a 30-day free trial of said tier. The only drawback of it if you so decide to remain as a free user is that you are limited to 10 reminders a month.For more information on what are the features provided at different levels you can proceed to


Chapter 5


Outreach Pitch Checklist


We’ve all sent out an email and wondered whether you pitched the email correctly. So to save you those stressful moments, outlined below are some of the best email pitching strategies that will certainly increase your email return rate.


Make your presence known,Do your research

First contact

Craft an impressionable subject line

First name salutations if possible

Reference a recent post or share by them

Have a brief introduction

State how you would wish to collaborate

Ensure that there is a clear benefit to the blogger from the collaboration

Hyperlink any relevant information

Ensure that the pitch is succinct before hitting the send button

Ensure that the collaboration would be beneficial to the blogger and their audience


Ensure a follow-up regardless of conversion




Chapter 6




Ever struggled to find resources for blogger outreach? Below are some of the best resources from the web.

Chapter 7


Case Studies


The amazing case studies below will show you how different brands across different industries have successfully used blogger outreach to bring real benefits to their business.

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