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6 SEO Myths You Probably Think is True

Am I Alone With SEO Myths?


SEO Myth
Growing up, I was no stranger to myth. Almost every topic there was out there had a myth attached to it – like ostriches sticking their heads into sand when frightened. If nobody corrects, the myth gradually sticks and before long, it gets passed on as a fact.

SEO faces the same problem too. As SEO gets older, the number of myths has increased too. Now, there are many myths floating around the Webosphere. Some of them are more subscribed to than others, but all still baffle us to no end. Today we will be covering 6 SEO myths that you probably thought was true too! Continue Reading

Chocolate, Data & Conversion

Chocolate and CTR

Chocolate conversion

An interesting lesson from my friend Takashi san of WACA SG (Web Analytics Consultants Association SG), they had a booth at the recent Tech in Asia event and used chocolates as a promotional tool for brand awareness. The chocolates were a good ice breaker to start a conversation; many were attracted to the invitation of “Eat Chocolate and Get Web Analytics Text Book”. The usual chocolate names like “High 5 with Adrian Roche” and “Will you be Takashi’s girl” are truly creative teasers that help break the monotony of business conversation. Continue Reading

SEO Keyword Research 101

Learn it in 4 steps


SEO Keyword Reseach
This article is a quick start guide to get you doing seo keyword research fast, if you need a more advance guide http://backlinko.com/keyword-research is one of my favorite.

SEO keyword research is like finding the right key to a bank vault, finding it unlocks the treasures laid behind the vault. In our case the treasures are visitors and leads. Keywords can make or break any digital marketing campaign, good keywords does not just attracts visitors but more importantly the right type that will convert into customers. Continue Reading

Generating Hot Sales Leads

Water is like Sales Leads

Sales Leads is like water

When was the last time you had a drink?
Sales leads are like water for the body, the lack of it can cause our bodies to malfunction or even death. You can be the best sales person but without a lead you are not going to close the deal. Getting sales lead is what we call lead generation or lead prospecting. Top sales professional will tell you this is important, but often neglected. Reason is simple, it is plenty of hard and consistent work. Like gold prospecting, you excavate tons of rock but it produces a few grams of gold – that is hard work, and they do it 24/7 Continue Reading

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