3 Best Value SEO Training Course In Singapore

My top 3 pick from 30 courses to save you time.

Ask Training

Self disclosure: I am a SEO trainer wth ASK Training

Strong Points
– WSQ approved, 2 days instructor Led
– Project Management Framework
– In-depth Technical SEO Audit
– Keyword research methodology
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Equinet Academy

Strong Points
– WSQ approved, 2 days instructor Led
– Keyword research modelling and practice
– Content marketing Strategies
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Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Strong Points
– Skillsfuture funding, 2 days training
– Aligning business value with right keyword
– content creation that attracts engagement
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Courses are evaluated on the following factors

1. Fees & Funding
A wide range of course fee from the highest by NUS ISS $2,700 to absolute free by Best SEO

10 providers offers various types of government subsidy. For WSQ training subsidy could be as high as 90% for Skillsfuture Mid-Career Subsidy You can also use the $500 personal Skillsfuture credit for some of the approved funding courses.

Why WSQ approved training gives you the best value
1. WSQ classes provide the highest government training subsidy

2. All approved curriculum goes through a thorough and detail review process to ensure it meets learning objectives

3. Participants need to seat for an assessment to show learning competency.

2. Scope & Duration
Most of the training providers covers this 4 common areas
– Keyword research
– On-page/ On-site optimization
– Off-page/ Off-site optimization
– Reporting and Tracking

Keyword Research: This segment covers how to identify suitable keywords, this is foundational to any SEO work. Identify wrong keywords would mean waste of resources. A good learning process should focus on the research methodology instead of teaching you how to use a tool.

On-page/ On-site optimization: Deals with elements on your website, a basic knowledge on front end coding like HTML will be helpful. A good grasp of your wordpress CMS will also reduce the learning curve. It may also cover technical subjects like web hosting and web directory setup. Some refers this to Technical SEO.

Off-page/ Off-site optimization: This section teaches how to build links to your website, probably the most difficult for most beginners as the scope and depth is large. This is an important component.

Reporting and Tracking: Usually covers tools like Google Search Console which will show ranking performance. Some providers will also cover basic Google Analytics.

What SEO Training Course Best Suits You

Beginners SEO 101: The training should be comprehensive in covering concepts likes:
– Search engine algorithm
– Online customer journey
– Keyword research methods
– Basic HTML coding
– Basic web hosting

Intermediate SEO 201: The training should focus on onsite audit and site optimization. The training outcome should allow you to:
– Perform a thorough SEO onsite audit
– Recommend optimization changes base on your audit
– Conduct a keyword research strategy
– Internet and hosting infrastructure

Intermediate SEO 202: Building on 201 the training should focus to help you:
– Optimize and improve your current pages to have more relevant information
– Refine internal links to drive more traffic to key commercial pages
– Develop a content plan for link building
– HTML and simple CSS

Advance SEO 301: Link acquisition will be the main focus. The course should teach you.
– Create SEO content base on Google’s Expert, Authority and Trust of E-A-T guideline
– Run content promotion strategy for link acquisition
– Leverage Data to improve conversion from SEO visitors.

Learning SEO will require some planning and it will take time for you to master all the necessary knowledge and skills

Essential skills as SEO Specialist

  • Understand basic front end coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Understand basic server and hosting infrastructure
  • Understand customer buying persona and journey
  • Understand good content creation research methodology
  • Able to create Smart SEO Content
  • Understand good link acquisition research methodology
  • Understand good content promotion methodology
  • Understand how to do digital/ web analytics
  • Understand UX and Conversion Optimization

According to Salary Expert an entry level SEO specialist (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of $45,418. A senior (8+ years of experience) SEO specialist earns an average salary of $76,779

Training Providers

ProviderFundingFull Course FeeDuration
01ASK TrainingWSQ$9882 Days
02Equinet AcademyWSQ$7402 Days
03Leadership InstituteWSQ$1,0002 Days
04Dream WorksWSQ$5202 Days
05MOC StudioSkillsfutureN.AN.A
06SEO GeekSkillsfutureN.AN.A
07NUS – ISSSkillsfuture $2,7003 Days
08Nova Soft AcademyPIC$5002 Days
09WordPress TrainingSkillsfuture$5001 Day
10InspizoneSkillsfutureN.A1 Day
11Best SEONo FundingFreeYoutube
12Charles MannNo Funding$500N.A
13The Knowledge AcademyNo Funding$895E-learning
14General AssemblyNo FundingN.AN.A
15SimplilearnNo Funding$999E-learning
16SUSSNo FundingN.A6 Months
17Conversion HubNo Funding$1,2992 Days
18Knowles TrainingNo Funding$7892 Days
19Web LeadsNo Funding$8992 Days
20Dynamic MarketingN.AN.A2 Days
21ImpossibleNo FundingN.A2 Days
22Ngee Ann PolytechnicSkillsfuture$5352 Days
23VtechNo Funding$4952 Days
24Media OneNo Funding$8881 Day
25Reach MediaNo FundingN.A1 Day
26Sky Digital AgencyNo Funding$360Online
27DMarketeerNo Funding$7501 Day
28IntellisoftNo FundingN.A1 Day
29WebsellNo Funding$2951 Day
30TAFTCNo Funding$4501 Day


WSQ Funding$9882 Days

SEO Fundamentals
SEO Terminology & Jargon
Conducting Keyword Research
Onsite Audit And Optimization
Offsite Audit And Optimization
Linking Building Concepts And Strategy
SEO Project Management

02 – Equinet Academy

WSQ Funding$7402 Days

SEO Fundamentals
Conduct Effective and Extensive Keyword Research
Onpage SEO Keyword Optimization and Technical SEO Audit
Offpage SEO Link Building and Content Marketing Strategies
SEO Analytics

03 – Leadership Institute

WSQ Funding$1,0002 Days

Organisation’s SEO Strategies
Search Terms, Keywords & Keyword Density
Search Engine Ranking & Search Engine Methods Of Assessing SEO
Social Network Media In The Context Of SEO
Internet Marketing Strategies Of A Website
Criteria For Evaluating Internet Marketing Strategies Of A Website
Processes Involved In Managing Search Results
Criteria For Evaluating Search Performance Across Channels
Elements & Structure Of Websites & Webpages
E-learning is included

04 – Dream Works

WSQ Funding$5202 Days

SEO Concepts
Introduction of Google Ads
Content Optimization
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
Measurement & Analytics

05 – MOC Studio

Skillsfuture FundingN.AN.A

SEO & it’s Relation to Internet Marketing
SEO Tips & Techniques
Buying Cycle Advice
Avoiding Google Penalty
Keywords ( General Keywords & Specific Keywords)
Keyword Research & Targeting
Exact Match Domain Tips
Ranking With Minimal Backlinks
On Page Optimisation Techniques & Practices
Off Page Optimisation
Building Backlinks
Authority (Page Authority & Domain Authority)
Domains (Brandable VS EMD)
Competition Research Tips & Techniques Content Strategy

06 – SEO Geek

Skillsfuture FundingN.AN.A

Keyword Research
On-page Optimization
Off-page Optimization
Google Webmaster

07 – NUS ISS

Skillsfuture Funding$2,7003 Days

Web Analytics Fundamentals, Tools, & Strategies
Google Analytics Features, Reporting & Applications
Extended Web Analytics Applications & Improvement Strategies, including SEO, Content Optimisation & Campaign Analysis

This course has various funding schemes like Skillsfuture mid-career subsidy.

This 3-day introductory course provides a fast-paced, application-based introduction to Web Analytics & SEO

08 – Nova Soft Academy

PIC Funding$5002 Days

Introduction To SEO
Keyword Research
Using Keyword Research Tools
On-Page SEO Ranking Factors
Mobile SEO
Link Building Strategies To Increase Keyword Rankings
SEO Reporting & Analysis

09 – WordPress Training

Skillsfuture Funding$5001 Day

Learn About Content Strategy
Brandable Vs EMD Domains
Learn On How To Build Backlinks.
What Is A Page Rank & How Do They Affect SEO?
Ranking On First Page Of Google With Little Backlinks
What Are Low Hanging Fruit Keywords?
Why Do You Need Keywords In Your Website?
What Are The Difference Between General Keywords & Specific Keywords?
How To Avoid Google Penalty?
What Are Some Of The Things To Note As You Use SEO?
How Can SEO Assist In Internet Marketing?
Learn About The Buying Cycle
What Are General Keywords?
How Is Keyword Research Vital To SEO?
Tips On How To Go About Finding Keywords That Consumers Demand
Secrets Of Exact Match Domain?
On-Page Optimization & Its Uses
Why Are The Backlinks Important & What Are Some Of Their Uses?
What Is The Difference Between Page Authority & Domain Authority
How To Research On Your Competitors & Learn More About Them?
Learn About ON/OFF Page SEO

10 – Inspizone

Skillsfuture FundingN.A1 Day

Keyword Research
Web Hosting & Domain Names
WordPress & Plugins
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Google Webmaster
Landing Page & User Experience

11 – Best SEO

No FundingFreeYoutube

For more details on the free training visit Youtube channel –https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXxnezLWHWPxg63HEUVeCng

12 – Charles Mann

No Funding$500N.A

Overview Of The Search Marketing Landscape
How Social Media Is Impacting On SEO
A Review Of The Risks When Running SEO Campaigns
Setting & Measuring SEO Goals & Objectives
Keyword Research & Planning: Outsmarting Your Competitors
Using Research Tools To Avoid The Google Penalty
How The Psychology Of User Search Behaviour Impacts On Website Design
Competitor Benchmarking – Techniques & Tools
Understanding How Search Engines Crawl Websites
Creating & Submitting Webmaster Sitemaps
Techniques To Deal With Duplicate Or Similar Content
Dealing With Migrating Or Relaunching Websites
How To Create Metadata For Search Engines & Social Networks
Using Google Webmaster Tools To Improve Engagement
Managing Your Web Designers: Case Studies Of Poor Web Design
Using Tools To Run SEO Audits
A Lesson In Link Building Science
Google Pagerank & Its Influence On Modern SEO
The Google Penguin Survival Guide
Social Media & Its Effect On Link Building
Optimising Your Website Architecture For Link Building
Different Structured Approaches To Running SEO Campaigns
SEO Trends To Watch

13 – The Knowledge Academy

No Funding$895E-learning

The Importance Of SEO
Search Engine
Find The Correct Keywords
On-Site Optimization
Building Links
Social Media
Mobile SEO

14 – General Assembly

No FundingN.AN.A

What began as a co-working space in 2011 has since grown into a global learning experience with campuses in 20 cities & over 35,000 graduates worldwide.

As individuals & companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, General Assembly provides award-winning, dynamic training to close the global skills gap.

15 – Simplilearn

No Funding$999E-learning

SEO Introduction
How Search Engine Work
Types Of SEO
Keyword Research & Competitive Intelligence
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Duplicate Content
Design & Architecture
Local SEO
Algorithm Updates & SEO Changes
Integrating SEO With Other Disciplines
SEO Tools
How To Build A Successful Career In SEO

16 – SUSS

No FundingN.A6 Months

Principles Behind SEO
Keyword Targeting
On-Page & Off-Page SEO
Backlink Building
Technical SEO
Content Strategy

17 – Conversion Hub

No Funding$1,2992 Days

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Necessary
How People Interact With Search Engines
How Search Engines Work
Keyword Research for SEO
On-Page Search Engine Optimization – Google Friendly Page
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Growing Links
SEO Tools & Services
SEO Myths & Misconceptions
Measuring & Tracking SEO Success
90 Day SEO Roadmap
SEO Vendor Selection
Negative SEO & Prevention
This is training combines digital marketing with SEO. Day 1 covers Facebook & Google Advertising. Day 2 is on SEO

18 – Knowles Training

No Funding$7892 Days

How Search Engine works
Keywords research
On-page optimization
Design & UX
SEO Worldwide

19 – Web Leads

No Funding$8992 Days

SEO Essential Basics
The Right Way To Conduct Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Protecting Yourself Against Negative SEO
SEO Performance & Analytics

20 – Dynamic Marketing

N.AN.A2 Days

Introduction To SEO
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Looking At The Bigger Picture
Link Building
Other Areas Of SEO
Planning SEO Campaign
On-Page Optimization

21 – Impossible

No FundingN.A2 Days

The best way to learn is to build it – that is our philosophy. Therefore, our SEO training course consists of 90% hands-on, 10% theory. This is also the main reasons why our students are achieving top Google ranking.

22 – Ngee Ann Polytechnic

No Funding$5352 Days

To Understand How Search Engines Work
To Find Out The Latest Google Algorithm Updates & The Impact On Website Rankings
To Learn To Optimise Your Website So It Can Be Ranked On Google
To Understand Why Some Websites Rank Higher Than Others
To Select The Correct Keywords That Can Generate Business Value
To Learn Best Practices To Outrank Your Competitors
To Write Great Content That Generates Engagement
To Effectively Measure Your SEO Activities Through Analytics
To Learn SEO Tools Like Ahrefs

23 – VTECH

No Funding$4952 Days

Introduction To SEO
Keyword Research & Analysis
On-Page Optimization
Off-Page Optimization
Measure & Tracking SEO
Google Ads is included in this course

24 – Media One

No Funding$8881 Day

How SEO Works
How Search Engine Web Crawlers Work
Setting SEO Goals & Objectives
Keyword Research & Planning
Implementing Effective Link Building
Creating Quality Content
Domain Authority vs Page Authority
Good vs Bad Linking
How Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Works
White Hat vs Black Hat SEO
Google Algorithms & The Google Zoo
Meta Titles, Headings, Meta Descriptions
SEO Measurement Tools
Website Auditing
Content Marketing
Google Search Console (fka Webmaster Tools) Introduction
Website Do’s & Don’ts for Good SEO
How Domain Names Help SEO

25 – Reach Media

No FundingN.A1 Day

Introduction To SEO
Understanding The Fundamentals Of SEO
On-Site Optimization
Off-Site Optimization Techniques & Methods
Link Building Strategies
Tracking For Conversion & Results

26 – Sky Digital Agency

No Funding$360Online

Introduction To Unleashing The Power Of Internet
Fundamentals To Internet Marketing
Guide To Internet Marketing For Websites
Google Keyword Planner
Introduction To Google Analytics Basics
How Can You Get More Conversions On Your Website
Creating A Landing Page

27 – DMarketeer

No Funding$7501 Day

Introduction To SEO
Keyword Research
On-Site SEO
Off-Site SEO
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
Website SEO Audit
Google Penalties

28 – Intellisoft

No FundingN.A1 Day

Learn what must be done to get top rankings in Search Engines.
Learn how to increase Click-Through Rates (CTR)
Understand how to make your site more relevant to the search engines.
Find out how your webserver can affect your SEO rankings.
See how to use Simple SEO Tools to implement the SEO methodology.
Learn how to identify the best keywords for your site.
Analyze your site & competitors’ sites using keyword density analysis.
Learn the best ways to submit your pages to get them indexed in the popular search engines.
Select the Best Monitoring tools to check your search engine rankings as well as your competitors’.
Learn how to read the current & historical Ranking Reports.
Understand link reputation & how to increase Link Popularity.
Find out why some dynamic pages don’t get indexed & how to fix it.
Learn to configure & use the Best SEO Tools on your own website.
Participate in a lab review of a site using the SEO Checklist.

29 – WebSell

No Funding$2951 Day

SEO Concepts & Keyword Research
Essential Factors For Optimizing A Website For Search Engine
How To Build Website Authority & Popularity To Rank Higher
Measuring & Monitoring SEO Efforts With Tools

30 – TAFTC

No Funding$4501 Day

Overview Of The Search Marketing Landscape
How Search Engines Work & Rank Relevant Websites In Search Results
How Social Media Is Impacting On SEO
A Review Of The Risks When Running SEO Campaigns
Examples Of Common SEO Implementation Issues
Setting & Measuring SEO Goals & Objectives
Keyword Research & Planning: Outsmarting Your Competitors
Keyword Research Tools & Software
Using Research Tools To Avoid The Google Penalty