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Five Reasons why train with us?


1. real SEO agency implementation

Our 2-days intensive SEO training will show you firsthand how as a SEO agency we attain the coveted top spot for our clients. Today, being successful in digital marketing goes beyond ranking first on the result page, it is also about driving quality traffic to your site.

2. Learn updated tactics

Our face-to-face training is designed to offer detailed insights on the subject. You will learn the different aspects of organic ranking and what you can do to improve them. Our course content is updated regularly to align with the latest changes in the SEO landscape.

3. Learn industry tools

Lab sessions allow you to experience firsthand what tools used by SEO agency, and how best practices are applied. A detailed step-by-step is given for each process, providing insight to how agencies would execute them. Our trainers will answer your questions with real life answers and offer practical solutions to your problems. We will also be addressing certain myths that surround SEO.

4. Post Training Support

As an agency we understand the complexity of running SEO campaigns, and working independently can be daunting and stressful. Not to worry, we will hand hold you for six months with monthly phone consultation to answer any of your problems; if no problem with your campaign we simply love to touch base and chat.

5. Never stop learning

Modern SEO is always evolving: new algorithms, guidelines, tool enhancements etc, our bi-monthly newsletter will keep you updated on these important happenings so you can be effective optimizing your site. The newsletter will be a time saver especially when you need extra time for other tasks.

$800 – 2 DAYS result driven training to get top ranking

what our training can do for your website


1. Better Ranking More visitors

Improve ranking means more chances to be found by your prospects. Getting more visitors to your site is the utmost purpose of SEO, without audiences your website remain unchanged. Our trainers will show you how to get TOP ranking by having a sound link building strategy. Links are important as this is the no. 1 factor that ranks website.

2. Connect with visitors

Profitable keywords or search queries connect you to your audiences, this is the building block of good SEO. With millions of searches per day finding such gems is never an easy task; no worries, we will help you understand the correct tools and how to use them making the process doable.

3. nurture and grow your visitors

Reaching the top of the search result is just the first step, having more visitors and nurturing them means more conversion opportunities. Learning to build a long term link strategy is important for increasing trust with search engine to show more results relating to your niche.

4. convert your visitors

Conversion is the dream of every site owner, this is where content optimization is crucial not only to have better ranking but for conversion success as well. Content that is developed with profitable keywords usually communicates more effectively as there is a common topic or focus with your visitors. This in turn promote trust which will lead to conversion.

2 days intensive SEO training $800 and see results

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand ranking signals
  • Learn to check Google penalty
  • Learn setting up a SEO audit
  • Learn keyword research
  • Learn website content optimisation
  • Learn building trust with Google
  • Develop a KPI measuring plan
  • Learn citations & local searches

Course Outline


Day One

Lesson 1: Introduction to SEO
– What is SEO
– The benefits of SEO compare to other marketing
– Is SEO for everybody?
– Common terminology for SEO

Lesson 2: Why Google
– Ranking factors for Google
– Google algorithm updates
– How to check for penalty

Lesson 3: Website audit
– Tools to perform an audit
– Key audit factors
– Google Webmaster set up
– Google Analytics set up

Lesson 4: Keyword research
– Tools to use
– Most relevant information for keyword data
– How to identify relevant keywords
– How to use Google Keyword Planner
– Understanding trend

Day two

Lesson 5: On page optimization
– Use of meta tags
– Main body content
– Keyword density
– Site structure
– Page load speed

Lesson 6: Off page optimization
– Types of incoming links
– Value of each type of link
– Good links vs bad links
– Anchor text & keyword diversification
– How to check for backlinks
– How to get links

Lesson 7: Tracking KPIs
– Tools to use
– Understanding analytics data
– Usability and conversion
– The effect of social media

Lesson 8: Local SEO
– Key factors to rank well locally
– Citations and how to obtain them

Course outline may differ on actual training due to updates

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Trainer Profile – Tom Ho

A SEO veteran Tom has over 10 years of experience in ranking all kinds of websites on Google, locally and internationally. His knowledge and experience can take your business to the next level. When it comes to SEO Tom has seen it , been there and done it all. Having gained valuable insight and understanding on how Google evolves and works over the years, he is able to explain the strategy to get your website ranked on Google in the simplest and easy to understand approach.
Trainer Profile – David Chan

As a SEO consultant David has involved with web design and advertising agencies like Clickworkz, Addix, Formul8, Done Group with SEO training, equipping them to develop actionable SEO plans to generate targeted results for their clients. Besides keeping abreast with the latest SEO development, David has a strong passion for Conversion Optimization; couple with his experience in the sales domain, his niche is helping clients to discover their Unique Selling Proposition and translating them onto the web. His certification includes Google Analytics, Web Analytics Master - Japan, Google Adwords and Linux RedHat Administrator.

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