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Lead Conversion

After attracting the right type of traffic to your site, what’s next? It’s time to manage your traffic and persuade every visitor to fill up a contact form to get it touch with you.

Of course, this doesn’t happen automatically, just because visitors arrive at your website, doesn’t mean they’ll become customers. To convert site visitors into customers, you’ll need to know what works, and what’s turning visitors away – building a test plan will help to identify areas of your website and marketing strategy that’s not converting leads into profits. With this test plan, you’ll also be able to identify the hot leads you can follow up on, and close the deal with.

Test Your Inbound Sales Marketing ROI

Here’s how we handle Lead Conversion, pulling in visitors and turning them into customers:

Conversion Testing

Conversion Consultation, also known as web strategy consultation, is where the lead management process begins.

The web is a deep, complex environment that can be tricky to get a grasp of. Just how exactly will your website be found? How will it attract visitors and convert them into paying customers? What do web users look for in a website? What about juggling social media, search engines and email marketing?

It’s not about guesswork, but having a detailed Lead Management plan that’s tested, tweaked and retested again to ensure maximum effectiveness. Don’t gamble on your web strategy. Trust the experienced minds at Beacon Communications to put together a Lead Management plan to perfectly suit your business’s online needs.

Learn How You Can Do It

Conversion Optimization
google analytics conversion
Google Analytics

Take the speculation out of crucial business decisions by utilising the power of Google Analytics. With detailed, real world data gathered from your customers, telling you what’s working and what isn’t, discovering how to multiply the effectiveness of your online strategies is never simply guesswork, but a finely calibrated science that assures success.

Thanks to the precision of Google Analytics, managing your business and your online strategies is straightforward, accurate and highly effective – if you know how to use it right.

Web Design

What’s better than a fancy, eye catching web design? A website that sells. With us, you can be assured of web design that not only looks good, but more importantly – converts visitors into customers.

We know the strategies of getting site visitors from your home page to your checkout page (or contact page, if they wish to speak with you directly) – without the fuss, minimising diversions and dropouts due to loss of interest, visual distractions or information overwhelm.

So when you’re looking at improving your website, or starting one – remember that it’s not simply about a good looking site, but an intelligently-designed one. Speak with us for more information on how website design can dramatically increase traffic from your site’s home page, to checkout page.

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