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Lead Nurturing

Not every lead converts immediately into a sale. That’s the nature of online sales. It may take days, weeks or even months for a good percentage of your leads to finally make a purchase decision. In the meantime, you’ll want to make sure that when aprospect’s purchase decision is made, it’s with your business’s products and services firmly in mind – this is where most businesses miss out on lost opportunities.

Invest the time and effort into building strong lead nurturing strategies and you’ll find your efforts paid back tenfold. When you’re able to build trusted relationships with your prospects, you’ll find that they won’t just buy from you – they’ll becomeardent fans and promoters of your business.

Test Your Inbound Sales Marketing ROI

Here’s how we can help with the crucial lead nurturing process:

Email Marketing Automation

An evolution of email marketing, email marketing automation allows your business to reach large numbers of prospects – easily, immediately and effectively.

Integrate email marketing automation into your marketing campaigns to automatically send welcome notes to new registrations, engage customers on special occasions such as birthdays, or offer them the latest promotions on products and services that they would likely be interested in.

With well executed email marketing automation, you can keep in constant, personal communication with your customers and prospects, without the hassle of manually filtering databases, deciding who to contact, or what information to send them. Let us take the hassle away from you, while directing more profits to you.

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Email Content Development

Reach out to your prospects; capture their attention, intrigue and business with great email marketing.

What’s the most important element of your email marketing campaigns? Of course, email content development – everything your customers see and read, should lead them one step closer to making a purchase with you.

We’re not just talking about any regular sales or promotional email too. At Beacon Communications, we don’t believe in creating content for content’s sake. We create content tailored to your business and your prospects. Then, we test it, study the results, and implement changes – each time making sure the next round of results improve on the last – so your brand, customer base and profits keep growing.

CRM Integration

Do you really need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for your business? Whether of the size of your business, CRM technology will help you streamline the way you interact with your potential leads and customers.Utilising it can mean the difference between failure and success.

With CRM technology it creates the opportunity for salespeople to connect, personalise and turn leads into sales. With all the customer and pipeline information in one place, CRM technology enables sales staff to build meaningful relationship with theirleads by providing them with valuable,timely information, which eventually helps them to convert leads to sales.

CRM technology allowsyou to engage every customer in an efficient manner – to understand their needs on a more personal level, since you are able to access all past interactions with the company and the type of problems the customer has experienced before, at a single glance. By offering a more personalised experience, customers feel cared for. In turn, they will have stronger feelings of loyalty toward the brand, leading to increased sales.


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