What We Do

At Beacon Communications – Our primary focus is ensuring your online presence, turns into online dollars.

Our promise is simple. We will transform your website into a compelling web traffic destination, increasing your numbers of visitors, then turning those visitors into customers. Our traffic attraction and web conversion strategies are based on solid, proven online marketing techniques that focus on visitors’ online behaviours.

Of the hundreds of marketing agencies, content providers and web developers out there, why should you choose Beacon Communications? Because we take responsibility for our promises.

We believe in:

Management By Results

Objectives-driven project management is crucial. This is where we will work with you to set up detail KPIs – your road map to clearly measure progress and success. Each KPI on this road map serves as sign post, ensuring that we’re always headed toward the primary objective of increasing your sales and profits.

Taking Responsibility For Results

Taking responsibility for all results, good and bad. Being in a real world we know life isn’t a bed of roses, when things are not going for us we make effort to be transparent and let you know the real facts. We firmly believe putting client communication to the fore front.

Payment By Results

How confident are we of delivering the results we promise? If we do not increase your online referrals/sales in the first 12 months, we will work for free until results are met. We put your interest before our profits. That’s how serious we are in backing up our promises.

Here at Beacon Communications, we stand by our word in delivering you real, visible results, by putting our own profits on the line. Just how can we be so confident of delivering positive results? – Because our methodology is based on tested online marketing strategies, and has continually been proven effective with our clients’ businesses.

Don’t leave your online profits to chance. Talk to us for a deeper understanding of our web methodologies, and see how your business can excel online with us.

How Inbound Sales Can Help Your Business

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